What a day…

26 May

I had a very full and not so hot day.

The best part was getting to do a little more interviewing for my article. I still get butterflies when I interview strangers. It’s such a strange experience for me, but I love it. I really like to know what people think and how they feel. One of my sources today said he usually didn’t feel like his opinion mattered and he appreciated that I cared. That’s a nice feeling. I made someone feel like I cared about what they thought and I really did! Everyone’s opinions are so different and varied. I just love hearing about stuff like that, you know?

I’ve promised myself to read some Krakauer, but I have to watch the “Sleeping Dictionary” a little first. I saw that movie for the first time yesterday and I am totally in love with it.


On Becoming a Tech Geek

24 May

I took a class about online journalism during the spring and we got to build two Web sites. It was a lot of fun, so when my lab instructor from the class said he was doing a Web development & consulting course over the summer, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m not a tech geek yet, but I’m noticing from differences. I know what PHP is. I know what Javascript is. I can make a Web site from scratch. I am learning how to use Textpattern. I know what people mean when they say API and DNS. FTS is also a familiar term. I am Twittering more than I ever thought I would. I am actually using Delicious!

I just spent my whole day watching Textpattern teaching videos and starting the first round of designing on my site. I have this minimalist concept in mind. I have been looking at examples all day, just trying to grasp what I wanted and what I wanted the visitors to gain from the site. It has been a lot, but I am having fun.

I like that I those things, though, because most of my peers don’t. I am really looking forward to learning how to incorporate this stuff into a non-linear storytelling concept. Maybe I’ll learn that at my internship this summer.

The next thing I know, I’ll be buying things from the Apple store.

New Beginnings

21 May

This summer has been pretty hectic already. I didn’t get the CBS internship, I got an internship at Alachua today, I found out about some family stuff and turned down the internship, I decided to go to school at home during Summer B and I am in the process of trying to get an internship at my hometown paper.

I apparently have become somewhat schizophrenic because I am a Gator planning to take a class at an FSU campus! Tragic!

I was kind of distraught, but I am really feeling optimistic about myself right now. I just need it to be that way about my family and we’ll be good!

Alachua Today

2 May

I am so happy! I got an internship for this summer at Alachua Today. It’s a weekly publication that’s about 30 mins. outside of my school and they seem really nice. I am going to go and meet them and see the office when I get back in town. I hope they like me enough to allow me to keep working with them during the school year or something. I’m crossing my fingers.

The Girl in the Window

1 May

I was looking at the Pulitzer Prize winners for this year when I saw this article from the St. Petersburg Times. It’s a horrible story with probably the happiest ending this little girl could hope for. It’s truly moving and I’m glad someone found this story and put in online. Click here to read it.

BNET.com results

28 Apr

I did not get the internship at BNET.com, but it’s okay. I have found that God has a plan for me. I definitely was not ready for it, no matter how badly I wanted to be. I sulked for almost a week and now I’m recovering from it. I’m still a little sad, but I have a life I need to be worrying about.

This summer, I will be at school, but it’s not a bad thing. I am taking Ethics, which is required, and Web Design & Consulting, where I’ll learn some flash. I have been checking the registration Web site every day and I have gotten into two required classes for fall, which is great. I am also starting my new minor during Summer B.

I have found that God has a plan. I will be ahead of where I thought I would be in my schooling, which means I may be able to get the second minor I wanted. I also won’t have to worry about being behind if I were to be out of town all summer. I also have been contacted about an internship with Alachua Today, which would be great for me. I hope I get it. I also may have a job at a store in the mall if everything works out.

I know God must have something big planned for me. As far as my schedule goes, everything is working out, so I am grateful. I am just ready to be able to get this blog off the ground and start doing some of the things I want to with it.

I’m getting an ulcer

22 Apr

I have been waiting since Monday to hear anything from CBS. It’s not that long of a time, but I’m worried. My stomach is in knots all the time. I want it so bad and it’s stressful for me to not know what’s going on. They may pick some guy who is minoring in business and has a billion clips. It’s all getting to me. I don’t know when a decision will be made. I don’t know what to do. I’m going to have to start drinking Maalox right out of the bottle. I want this internship sooo bad!